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Crafting the Future

Oh, Hallo! 👋

My name is Martin, nice to see a friendly face!

If you’re looking for advice or consultation, whether navigating the complexities of software engineering or fostering a team that embodies agility and creativity. I’m here to help and share my experiences and insights gained from a career that’s as much about building enduring technology as it is about building people.

Let’s have a coffee and talk about how your challenges can be turned into solutions.


Strategic Leadership in Software Engineering: Expertise in leading engineering teams, driving technical vision, and executing key initiatives, particularly in online accounting software and SaaS environments.

Agile and Lean Management: Strong emphasis on agile methodologies and lean principles, ensuring efficient and effective product development cycles.

Innovation and Technological Foresight: Proactive in anticipating and adapting to emerging tech trends, with a knack for identifying and exploring new opportunities in the digital landscape.

Team Building and Talent Development: Demonstrated ability in attracting, recruiting, and nurturing top-tier talent, fostering a culture of technical excellence and continuous learning.

Digital Product Lifecycle Management: From conceptualization (bootstrapping) to execution, adept at overseeing the entire lifecycle of digital products, including SaaS platforms.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Self-motivated with a history of pursuing personal projects like a small SaaS, indicating an entrepreneurial spirit and autodidactic approach.

Analytical and Strategic Thinking: Strong analytical skills, adept at problem-solving and strategic planning, vital for managing complex software development projects.

Employee Coaching and Mentoring: Experienced in coaching and mentoring, with the potential to guide experienced professionals and trainees.

About me

In my 15+ year journey through the tech landscape, I’ve transformed from a designer with an eye for detail to a full-stack developer and now a leader who drives engineering teams toward excellence. My mantra is simple: empower, innovate, and evolve. This philosophy has shaped robust teams and fueled a passion for creating products that resonate with users and stand the test of time.

From the artistic finesse of design to the logical rigor of engineering, my career path has been anything but ordinary. I’ve embraced the shift from the days of Flash to the dynamism of modern JavaScript frameworks, marrying technical insight with creative vision. This unique blend has enabled me to lead projects that aren’t just functional but also aesthetically compelling and user-centric.

Lean and Agile aren’t just buzzwords in my dictionary but the core principles driving my product development approach. Rapid iteration, customer feedback, and efficient project management are the tools I wield to turn vision into reality. In a constantly evolving industry, staying agile is more than a strategy. It’s a survival skill.

Mentorship is where I channel my experiences to foster the next wave of tech talent. I don’t just teach the ropes of project management and Agile methodologies; I aim to inspire a mindset of innovation and resilience. For me, mentoring is about crafting leaders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and drive technological breakthroughs.

As a proud father, I cherish the experience of being a dad and the joys it brings. Personal development is a crucial interest of mine; I am always looking to grow and improve in various aspects of life. Photography captivates me, allowing me to capture and appreciate the world’s beauty and intricacies. Traveling is another passion, allowing me to explore new cultures, landscapes, and experiences. I also have a keen interest in cooking, enjoying the creativity and satisfaction it offers. Language-wise, I am a native German speaker and fluent in English.

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